Life in a Faceless World: Based on the lost and found diary of a girl named Nila Kindle Edition

Book Cover: Life in a Faceless World: Based on the lost and found diary of a girl named Nila Kindle Edition
Pages: 214

When Nila comes to America, she ventures to this strange land on a dependent visa, a wife in an arranged marriage she had no control over. Now faceless in a lonely world, she drifts amongst the clouds and people, learning a culture she never expected while desperately trying to hold on to her own. There is sorrow and joy, adventure, and loss, but above all, there is love.

Written from the heart and mind of the displaced, Nila’s story explores what it means to be a voyager through the unknown, an immigrant in a land of immigrants, each vying for a place and a home. It speaks to a connection while baring the soul of the global society we have created.

Culture, assimilation, love, and pain all come together in a lyrical wonder that will make you cry, warm your heart, and stir your soul… one that will stay with you long after the final page is closed.

In his collection of poems, Musings of a Hermit, Charles (Chuck) Kausalik-Boe explores seeking the divine through the natural world, cats and chance encounters with others. From the solitude of his tiny inner city home, he watches and reflects on what passes by his porch windows. He also goes within to experience the magic that dwells in his heart and soul. From Chuck’s pen flows poetry that is both prayerful and filled with whimsy. Musings of a Hermit is a love song to the divine, the world around us, and to the magic that is possible.

Reviews:Roshan Abraham on wrote:

It is not an understatement when I say that I really enjoyed reading this book. This book is so unique and different, so I am noting few things that I really liked about the book

The use of descriptive and figurative language is great. For instance, I thought the sentence “Without being aware, she found her mind was dancing with the waving golden rice flowers in the first rays of the rising sun” was wonderful. I also really liked the last sentence which said “They all knew that, like them, the thickening clouds wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.” I thought that was both incredibly poetic and heartbreaking within the context of the story. I could find dozens of other examples throughout the book, and they made it a joy to read.
I enjoyed how profound some characters and parts of the book were. The chapter with Swami was understandably full of profound quotes and observations. I particularly liked the story he tells about the fruit-selling woman and her belief that life is precious and shouldn’t be spent in misery. I also enjoyed Silvia’s story later in the book for similar reasons.
A few chapters really stood out as emotionally potent. Although short, Uncle Alex’s story about why he doesn’t hunt anymore really struck a chord with me. The entire chapter “Life in a Faceless World” pulled at my heartstrings; it was beautiful, sad, and intense. I think this chapter best exemplifies author’s intentions behind writing this book, that may be the reason for choosing the title for this chapter as the title for the book.
The foreword at the beginning and “Who is Nila?” section at the end are both nice touches. I thought that both were thoughtfully written and do an excellent job of communicating the purpose and inspiration behind this book. They are meaningful additions to the rest of the book.

Sajeev Vakkayil on wrote:

I don't remember when was the last time I read a complete book and I always wanted to get back to the reading habit. I am so glad that I chose this book to get back to routine. I was having low expectations from a new writer who I never had experience with. Every one should read this book to validate their perception about so called Techie immigrant who wants to integrate into American society. This books shows we all have more common in those difference which is so visible.

Really looking forward to Cyrils next venture

Vino on wrote:

What would happen if one day, by chance, you found a mysterious diary?
Of course, it would be a strange event. Curiosity would perhaps drive you to open this diary, to read the first few lines.It would be just then, at that precise moment, that something would happen in your life, something that had to happen.
You would know the protagonist of this story.
It was destiny for you to read that diary; it was destiny that you knew Nila.Who is Nila? It's a legitimate question, but are you sure you do not already know the answer? Are you sure you never met Nila, never spoke with her? Reading this book will help you remember.
"Life in a Faceless World" by Cyril Mukalel , is one of those books that you know are addressed to you as soon as you start reading the first page. Images, sounds and fragrances describe a world that may seem far from your everyday reality, but as soon as this world comes alive with characters you immediately find a familiar atmosphere. Despite geographical or cultural differences, you discover that these characters speak to a part of yourself, that they are a part of yourself.
What divides human beings? What do they have in common? I spoke to you about Nila, the protagonist of this book. When you understand who Nila is, at the end of this novel, you will also find out what the answer to these questions is. It will not be difficult for you to get involved in her affairs. Nila is a woman who could not choose. She is a woman who wanted to be free, but her world says that this is not possible. Because there are traditions, social rules, conventions that must be respected. Because that's how the world has always gone and that's how it will always have to go.
The world of Nila is your world. Nila would like to be happy, but how can she be happy if terrible things happen in the world? How can you be happy if terrible things happen in your world?
Nila looks for answers and her experiences are contained in the mysterious diary that fate has allowed you to read. In this diary the author of the book, Cyril Mukalel, has found the secret of happiness.
Reading "Life in a Faceless World" you can discover what this secret is, and the most extraordinary thing is that, if you wish, you can apply this secret right away. You will have asked yourself so many times if life can really change, and perhaps it will surprise you immensely to discover that the life of every human being, if he wishes, can change in an instant.
You will also discover that life is really a mysterious phenomenon. You will see the past, the present and the future chase each other in a circle set in motion by destiny. You will see that sometimes the future becomes present in a premonitory dream, in a prophecy. You will realize that we know so little about life, yet we love to lock ourselves in cages of judgments.
You will know a wise Swami who will make you discover that all people have a purpose in life. You can be happy from now, and you can give happiness to others.
This novel is a precious book, which has something to say to you.
Just read it to find out your purpose and to finally remember who Nila is.

Who is Nila?

If you are wondering who Nila is or who she is to me, I have no simple answer. I met her through the lines scribbled on a journal left on a park bench one summer afternoon. Did she leave it on purpose for me to find? I’ll never know… maybe it was fate, that it is destined for something beyond what she could handle.


In my journey through those immersing pages, I wandered through her mind which never seemed to rest. I traveled wherever it took me. I learned a lot about her, in fact, perhaps more than anyone who knew her and maybe even more than she knew herself. Some of those pages carried the scent of jasmine and roses. When I closed my eyes, I could smell the same flower she breathed and felt them blooming all around me. Some of the words she wrote were blurred. Circles of tears had made tiny dents in the paper. I tried to be like her, to see the faces she saw, to listen to the voices she heard. Some pages never wanted to be turned and I would stare at them for hours before I could move on. Along with her childhood memories, Nila had kept a dry banyan tree leaf, and a tiny piece of a peacock feather. She would dream and wish that the feather would split into two and then keep multiplying. The beauty becoming a part of her.


Nila is not just a sari-cladded faceless girl from South Asia. She is beyond any definition of anything that divides us. She is one amongst us and could even be a part of us all. Once we know her, she cannot be separated from us. Let’s give her a face, a face we love and use it to replace the fences we have created between us.


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