Cyril Mukalel

Cyril Mukalel Thomas is an award-winning author, poet, and NFT concept designer. His notable books include the fiction “Life in a Faceless World,” “Shikaras in the Rain,” and “Flower Princess and the Man with Magic Reed.” Additionally, he is the founder of Potter’s Wheel Publishing, which offers free publishing services for gifted writers. He has received the Loft Inroads Fellowship and serves on the board of Shakopee Diversity Alliance and is a member of the Racial Equity/Diversity Task Force.


eMOCITY captures the essence of the human condition, depicting a dilemma that is both universal and deeply personal. It invites us to reflect on the choices we make and the consequences that follow, reminding us of the complexity and fragility of our existence. This collection’s stunning images were created using advanced graphic design tools and refined with AI, resulting in visually striking NFTs. The designer and artist behind the concept of the non-fungible token (NFT) collection is Cyril Mukalel Thomas (, whose creativity and vision have brought this collection to life.

Brain Food Market

The “Brain Food Market” collection is a unique and imaginative collection of NFTs that combine the worlds of literature and food. Each piece in this collection features a cleverly crafted book-themed food item . These NFTs are a playful and creative way to represent the idea of nourishing the mind through reading and knowledge. The collection is perfect for book lovers and foodies alike, as it brings together two of life’s greatest pleasures in one fun and engaging package. Whether you’re looking to add some fun and whimsy to your NFT collection or want to gift something special to a fellow bibliophile, the Brain Food Market collection is sure to delight and inspire. All images in this collection were generated with the assistance of AI by Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Concept designer Cyril Mukalel Thomas (

Brain Foods Store

“Brain Foods Store” NFT Collection: Where Literature Meets Cuisine The “Food for Thought” collection is an imaginative and unique set of NFTs that seamlessly blend the worlds of literature and food. Each NFT in the collection features a book-themed food item that is cleverly crafted to capture the essence of the literary work it represents. The collection is a playful and creative representation of how reading and knowledge can nourish the mind. It’s the perfect choice for both book lovers and foodies, as it seamlessly blends two of life’s greatest pleasures into one engaging package. All images in the “Brain Foods Store” collection were generated with advanced graphic designing tools and perfected with AI, resulting in high-quality and visually appealing NFTs. The non-fungible token (NFT) concept designer and artist behind this stunning collection is Cyril Mukalel Thomas (