Our business model is based on trustand transparency. We believe, when our authors succeed, we grow as a company. As a publisher, our only priority is our client’s success. This allows us to focus on our authors and the quality of the books we publish. The way that we do hybrid publishing is unique and effective. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, please feel free to contact us.

We publish fiction, non-fiction, children’s story and poetry. This includes YA and middle-grade chapter books. We do not publish erotica, but we will consider.

Sure! We’re happy to chat. Please give us a call at (612) 615-8775, or email us at info@potterswheelpublishing.com.

Your book will be for sale on Amazon.com.

Writing a book is just the beginning; finding its way to the intended audience, especially for newer authors, requires personalized attention. We focus on a strategy that involves quality, uniqueness, brand building, and positioning the book to be noticed to generate interest for the readers. Our authors have a say on the book pricing.

Traditional publishing houses rarely open their doors for new writers, and most publishers only proceed with proven authors, because publishing and marketing a book into retail channels requires significant funding. Publishers are increasingly unable to take risks on new authors, putting new authors at a significant disadvantage. By collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process, we turn their manuscript into a magnificent work of literature along with meeting revenue goals.

You do not need an agent to submit your work to Potter’s Wheel Publishing House. We are dedicated to helping the new writer get published. We will give your work a careful evaluation and will let you know if it is

Example: Amazon.com sells a book for $15, Net proceeds payed to the publisher is 70% of the Book Price minus cost of book printing by Amazon.


Net proceeds = ($15-$5)  x 70% =$7.00

Your royalty = $7.00 x 50% = $3.5

Note: You keep 100% of profit from Author sale copies that is directly shipped from Amazon.com priced at a heavy discounted price. A nominal service charge to each book is added.

  1. b) Digital. For each Qualifying Sale of Your Work in a digital format through Amazon, You will receive fifty percent (50%) of the Digital Net Received for every sale.


Net proceeds = ($5)  x 70% =$3.50

Your royalty = $3.50 x 50% = $1.75

One of the biggest benefit of publishing through Potter’s wheel Publishing is the unlimited number of Author copies available for sale. Amazon offers author copies

A book is the result of inspiration, creativity, and plenty of hard work. As a publisher, our role is to help new writers to realize their dreams and to help seasoned writers to ease the publishing process, giving them more control in every aspect. We are also writers ourselves, and we view every manuscript through the eye of the author and experience it with our heart.  Our philosophy is, when our authors succeed, we grow as a company, and therefore, profit is never a motive in our business model. As a publisher, our only priority is our client’s success. This allows us to focus on our authors and the quality of the books we publish. All these make us unique and different from everyone else in the industry.

From our authors, we expect total commitment to writing and passion for success. We want them to work with us as a team, taking some level of responsibility throughout the publishing process and sales. This includes but not limited to submitting completed manuscripts that they truly believe in, manuscript that is ready to publish, assurance that the work submitted is their own and contains no plagiarized or offensive material. We expect them to proactively market and sell their work using their social network and personal contacts. We believe a something we are interested in. Our royalty rates are the most generous in the industry, and it is designed to make our author’s always a winner. Why pay the agent 15% from your royalty check?

Our goal is to price our book to sell. We give suggestions on book pricing, but our authors have the final say.

We publish your book totally free. We pay a Royalty of – 50% for the books sold. Percentage is for the net receipt.

  1. a) Print

(i) For each Qualifying Sale of Your Work in electronic, print or audio format through one of Our Distribution Channels, You will receive Fifty percent (50%) of the net proceeds for the copies sold.

The odds of a writer finding success today have dramatically improved with the breakthrough in digital media, and along with the boundless potential of social media for marketing. At this time, for the first few months, we publish only through Amazon to utilize all its marketing capabilities. Amazon sells a majority of all books sold in the United States. Amazon KDP Print on Demand is gaining momentum. Amazon’s book sales are growing exponentially all over the world, extending its reach daily. Based on the book’s performance and results from the online campaigns, we may make the books available to other book sellers after a few months, if needed.

On a ballpark we look for novels to be between 65,000 words to 120,000. If the work is for a young adult market the range can run from 55,000 to 75,000 words.

Our books are sold wherever Amazon sells. Eventually we will look into international distribution channels other than Amazon.