Flower Princess and Man with Magic Reed

Flower Princess and Man with Magic Reed is a romantic fairy tale crafted beautifully with poetic emotions and images. This work personifies the breathtaking nature and inherent music that binds the living to co-exist in harmony. The story of the man with Magic Reed and his search for the Flower Princess is sure to rekindle and enhance relationships. This book is an ideal gift for anyone’s significant other for special occasions or just ‘because’. Instead of traditional illustration, this book is designed to include high quality photographs of original paintings that depict the story on every other page. It is also planned to include a page that offers custom messages and photographs that can be placed to make this personal (encapsulating moments that should never fade over time.)

Life in a Faceless World

When Nila comes to America, she ventures to this strange land on a dependent visa, a wife in an arranged marriage she had no control over. Now faceless in a lonely world, she drifts amongst the clouds and people, learning a culture she never expected while desperately trying to hold on to her own. There is sorrow and joy, adventure, and loss, but above all, there is love.

Written from the heart and mind of the displaced, Nila’s story explores what it means to be a voyager through the unknown, an immigrant in a land of immigrants, each vying for a place and a home. It speaks to a connection while baring the soul of the global society we have created.

Culture, assimilation, love, and pain all come together in a lyrical wonder that will make you cry, warm your heart, and stir your soul… one that will stay with you long after the final page is closed.

In his collection of poems, Musings of a Hermit, Charles (Chuck) Kausalik-Boe explores seeking the divine through the natural world, cats and chance encounters with others. From the solitude of his tiny inner city home, he watches and reflects on what passes by his porch windows. He also goes within to experience the magic that dwells in his heart and soul. From Chuck’s pen flows poetry that is both prayerful and filled with whimsy. Musings of a Hermit is a love song to the divine, the world around us, and to the magic that is possible.


Dogged by Ronald j Palmer

A poet often writes about the world around him/her or the world within. This is where the inspiration comes from, where his/her perspective and imagination are colored. When a dog or two, (or three or four), enters a poet’s life, either by choice or by accident, they tend to sneak into the poet’s poems, either as the subject or part of the landscape of the poem, like a bark in the distance or a low howl at your feet begging for a bone. For Ronald j Palmer, these are those poems.

Dogged is a tender celebration of the bond between human and dog, an elegant lament to nature, time, and canine companions who have passed on, like the melting snow. A rumination on love, sorrow, and letting go. Poems are brought together by daily walks, small everyday moments and observations that become higher meditations on life and why we must choose to keep it meaningful. A fine read.—Jeanne Lutz, poet and editor of the anthology After the Equinox.

Ron Palmer’s poetry Dogged is an enjoyable read for animal lovers. His poetry captures the love and life we share with our pets. It is relatable to all and comforting to those who are grieving for man’s best friend. These poems are an easy read, playful, and warm. I strongly recommend picking up your copy today! —Heidi Hemmer, author of Surface Textures and editor-in-chief of The Martin Lake Journal.

Ronald j Palmer comes from the mild streets of Bloomington, MN, where he has been writing poetry on and off for a number of years. He comes up with his best lines while walking his Siberian Husky, Valerie, being greeted by neighbors with, “Hey, how’s it going” or “Not in my yard.” He has been published in the Great River Review, The Talking Stick, Shark Reef – A Literary Magazine, Martin Lake Poetry Journal 2017, the anthology after the equinox and online on The White Wall Review . He also is a consulting editor for the 2019 and 2020 editions of The Martin Lake Journal.

STADELHEIM: Tower of Torment

In 1993, Lars, handsome with thick, blond hair, has girlfriend problems. He’s approaching forty. His old girlfriend has rented a room in the basement of his Minneapolis house. His new, twenty-something girlfriend is noncommittal. Among those invited to his birthday party – a big bash – are members of his bridge-playing group. This includes Dale, the wealthy owner of a Lake Minnetonka estate and frequent host of bridge games.

Dale is an odd person. He has a scar on his face and has trouble speaking. His mother is a post-WWII German émigré. A Nazi-sympathizer, she molded her only child in that ideology.

Lars has no idea Dale perceives him as the Aryan ideal. Nor that Dale covets Lars’s niece, a fourteen year-old gifted gymnast. He fantasizes kidnapping her.

Will Dale’s white supremacist accomplice, Jimmy, help him carry out the kidnapping? Will they be stopped by Sergeant Turner, a black cop? Will Turner’s mastery of police protocol help Lars open his eyes to the truth about Dale? Will Lar’s epiphany come in time to save his niece from Dale’s morbid design?

This intricately plotted mystery thriller has more than a few surprises before its dramatic, taut, suspenseful conclusion.

Girl Again

From the simplicity of poetry from a childlike, innocent point of view, Christine Madline Ellsworth brings readers through a series of poems, both complex and often openly confessional, to a conclusion that delivers them onto yet another path. Here, then, is the process of life from a singularly female vista: moving from one stage to the next—though rarely smoothly or easily, and not without a bump or two.

Beginning with the assassination of JFK, first love, and on through abusive marriages, forgiveness threaded with current health, social media and environmental concerns, transformation is the residual effect of these poems.